Find your relaxation holiday with Costa Cruises

Massages, oriental rituals, therapies: choose the wellness treatment you prefer, you'll find the ideal cruise for you.

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Een Costa-cruise kunt u elke dag aan uw eigen wensen aanpassen. U kunt nu reeds beslissen hoe u uw vakantie nog specialer maakt.

Destination Wellness

Every journey is an opportunity to regenerate, surrounded by enchanting views and dreamlike atmospheres Every cruise you choose to take with Costa can become an opportunity for well-being, a internal journey that will rebalance your body, and nourish your mind. Our aim is to delight you day after day, designing a personalised wellness programme for you.


On Costa ships you will always have the opportunity to be properly and professionally accompanied throughout your wellness programme. A personal trainer and specialised staff will be able to advise you on the best activities and treatments to transform your holiday into a fully regenerating cruise.

Services and Treatments

A cruise is the ideal holiday for enjoying a special treatment: sea air is rich in saltstreatment: and trace elements and contains high levels of oxygen that stimulate the body. This makes our beauty treatments even more effective because the active ingredients are assimilated better. Every day of your holiday will be an opportunity to enjoy the total Costa wellness experience, creating your own personal treatment programme or entrusting yourself to our experienced staff.

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The various different environments of Costa ships are designed and furnished with materials that create a feeling of relaxation and well-being in every area. Sounds, shades, colours, style, comfort, spaces, light and shade: everything on board contributes to generating the right atmosphere for fun and relaxation.